CBD Toothpicks? Here’s Why They Actually Make Sense

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CBD toothpicks are a new, exciting development in the world of cannabis products. If recent events are anything to go by, it is an exciting time for CBD enthusiasts as more and more products make their way into the market. CBD-infused toothpicks are a concept that is making a lot of noise and for good reason. First of all, CBD toothpicks, like all toothpicks, give off a badass vibe. Second, they have the same therapeutic effects as CBD Oil, so you can feel good while you look good. Finally, they are an effective way for you to stop smoking, dipping or nail-biting.

What are CBD Toothpicks?

CBD toothpicks are a revolutionary new product that combines the functionality of a toothpick with the health benefits of CBD. However, these toothpicks are in no way similar to your average run of the mill toothpick. The toothpicks are made from fresh harvests of U.S. grown birchwood. The toothpicks soak in CBD oil before being packed and shipped for use.

What Are They Useful For?

You would typically use a toothpick to get rid of the grime stuck in-between your teeth. But CBD toothpicks do more than just that. The uptake of CBD occurs much faster because it bypasses the digestive and metabolic systems and is absorbed directly into your bloodstream from your oral cavity, cheeks, tongue and lips.

Whether you scrape against the lining of the gums or suck on them, the toothpicks gently administer CBD, which offers the same benefits as other CBD products such as anti-anxiety, relief from pain and insomnia.

Also, and this goes without saying, the subtle addition of style will naturally increase your level of confidence ever so slightly, like a cherry on top, just enough to make you feel untouchable.

How They Are Made

American-grown Birchwood logs are first spiral cut into thin sheets. The sheets then go through cutting, chopping, and milling into individual toothpicks. Birchwood doesn’t necessarily require bleaching thanks to its light creamy white color in the sapwood and a delicate golden-brown color in the heart stock. Birchwood has a soft, uniform texture, closed pores, and negligible odor. The toothpicks are then infused with CBD oil.

Will They Get You High?

Absolutely not. They do not possess the psychoactive ingredient, THC. You will, however, absorb enough CBD from a toothpick to elicit noticeable benefits. CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System. These are primarily associated with a positive immune response and a handful of physiological functions. Even in large amounts, CBD cannot get you high. This makes it ideal for people who are subject to drug testing at work.

Are CBD Toothpicks Safe?

They are generally safe for use with most people. There are no reports of any adverse reactions. Despite their benefits to your oral health and overall well-being, they are not an alternative to proper oral hygiene. However, if you’re currently on medication, you should consult a health practitioner prior to taking CBD. We also advise pregnant women against using any CBD product during the duration of the pregnancy.

All in all, they are a safe product that will complement your oral care routine and help you channel your inner Matthew McConaughey.

Can Be Done Toothpicks

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